Please, for the love of god, fix eve spawns


I would like the option of solo play so I can choose depending on what I feel like. I will be happy to pay for that option.


Same here, I prefer playing alone. Just my opinion though, no offence to others


Personally I think that this game could use a way for settlements to stay alive for longer. I mean even the most successful towns rarely last long enough for anyone to take notice of them, let alone start expanding outwards. Unless a civilisation can last a good few weeks at least then it will never realise its full potential. It doesn’t take long for a town to reach the top of the tech tree but the more interesting things like government, lore and history will take time. Plus settlements would be better connected.


Therefore I think there should be some reasonable way for two unconnected large towns to find each besides sheer luck. At the moment even with a car and some bell towers you’d be lucky for two towns to exchange populations in a lifetime of travel.


So what about this. In future plane/radio updates, it becomes possible for players to “fly” between different air strips as long as they have the appropriate coordinations or landing strip code, regardless of how far apart they are. That way cities can exchange peeps and repopulate each other, form alliances, wars, economies, and whatever. Then things start getting really interesting. They just need some means of connection or at least navigation if not that. Maybe a high tech way of getting more iron from mines as well like a drill so we can afford all these planes and cars and whatnot?


I’ve been planning a little project of my own that you may find interesting.


What’s that?