Private server


I guess I would be up for a “solo collaborative” server. I just need it to be made more clear what that entails. (Ex. Multiple people online at the same time, all spawning to the same area as an eve and keeping their eve spawn if they live till 60?)

I doubt now that I think of it, if we can get definitive numbers as far as cost goes but joint ownership would be cool. If someones opts out of it in the future if joint ownership were to exist the cost would split amongst other owners.


Id definitely prefer being able to spawn in the same exact location every time and let the owner have the ability to reset the spawn whenever they’d like.


Like a co-owner or something?


Maybe server settings and commands for the owner?

Ex: /hungerdrain off
Ex: /give (players first and last name) stone hoe

And even more types of commands.


so we are going to have to pay to go on private servers?


I think private servers is an extra option,normal servers always open.


I had an idea, run it as a test run to see how many people like solo or private and depending on how many play on it make it like a week or two weeks trial so players can give feedback on the private servers idea. I hope this helped in some way