PSA: Eve spawn trick no longer works


After the latest update, you are no longer able to respawn at your previous eve location if you’ve died of old age. Not sure if this was intended, but this was not mentioned at all in the update notes.

RIP to solo players. Really disheartened because solo play was the most enjoyable for me, it was my griefer-free paradise. Griefers make me really frustrated and worked up, and the english servers have griefers in almost every game I play. Just ran into another solo player on the server I’m playing on and he/she confirmed it too.


I wish there was a server or something specifically for solo play. It’s great for learning new things on your own and seeing how far you can get. In my opinion solo players in this game, specifically designed for multiplayers, kind of irks me sometimes. Isn’t that the point of OHOL? That’s why I feel it would be better for them to maybe have their own creative space to solo play. I can’t fathom just how many times i’ve been born to solo players and ended up completely ignored. You can tell why when you see they’ve had 3+ kids that all starved to death mostly before 1 after you add yourself to the number and view the “family” tree. This is especially common for me on the Singapore server, which sucks because it’s the only server that doesn’t lag me out.


I can still born in my previous camp when I die at 60


I can’t spawn at my previous eve location what happen? Omg that is so very very bad for me I’m a solo player. :frowning:


I wish there was a separate server too.

The way I see it, being neglected as a baby for 10 seconds is better than spending 1 hour improving a town, then it going to waste when one person decides to grief the whole family. I know it’s not the right way to play OHOL, but griefers make this game unbearable for me. I love this game and I play a lot, but sometimes after getting griefed so many times in a row, i just need a break and play in a peaceful solo game.


@Christoffer @Jincheng should look in to that. my spawns were messed up too.


Does the Eve spiral still work?


yes the spiral works fine :slight_smile:️. have you figured it out which way it goes? for me its going south on the eu server because the spiral is going upwards.


That is not an intended effect of the update. It seems others are saying it still works as it should though. Remember that there is a cap on the number of eves on one server though, for this feature to be enabled. Please try a lower population server if this is important to you. Let us know if you are still not able to respawn correctly. Thanks.


South and North it seems.


Thanks for replying! I’ve tested it out the past few hours and it seems that you respawn at your previous location only once (so you live 2 lives at the same spot). After that, your eve location resets. Also, I have been playing solely on the singapore server which has quite a low population (~5-15 people) so there shouldnt be a population issue.


That means we have to have heirs and a family line to stay in the town. And griefing one is a waste of time because they all end eventually so it’s more challenging to improve it to keep one.

Then once a bell is rung and you are an eve you can run or ride to it and die. Giving multiple people multiple chances to respawn and return to a common area. If you choose to or branch off a town of your on and build your own eve spot away. And eventually connect our eve towns to the common one.


same here. first time the REspawn worked perfectly fine. the second time at the REspawn i was at a different location.


Thanks for the additional info. The intended functionality is this: when you have been an Eve and die, your death location is recorded if you lived to 60 and set to zero if you didn’t. Unless you die in the exact same spot several times, you can never spawn to the exact same position twice.
That said, maybe a new bug was introduced. We will have to look into it. The info you provide is valuable for us. Thanks!


it happend again. the first REspawn was totally fine, i was at the location i expected to be. with the second REspawn i was in a other eve town other than mine.


same here. sucks because the singapore server is so small that every game is the same. every family dies off because there are no children. wish i knew some japanese to be able to play on their servers, they have 100 people in each server…


Try getting the official PC version. It works better.