Psychopath eve


I was born from eve. She standing near badlands with plenty of food, bow, and a bloody arrow. I should know that she’s not quite right seeing from the bloody arrow. But what do I know? The moment i was born she didn’t do anything. Didn’t pick me up for feeding nor talking. I thought she was planning to die. But she didn’t. She pick me up and feed me. She named me “lunch for the bear” and that moment i knew something wrong. She carry me near bear nest and waking up the bear. Luckily I know a trick about the bear so i didn’t get eaten.

I thought this women is dumb and maybe fed me until i grew up and get revenge. But i was wrong. She pick up her bow and shoot me. Later, when i checked the family tree again, she do the same to her other child.


She needed food for her pet bear.


Lol that is kinda funny because that happened to me a few months ago XD she tried feeding me to a bear but got killed by the bear instead XD I walked/cried away. That had to be the best moment ever next to the one of someone forgetting it’s a no kill server lol funny moments


I was there my name was dinner for the bears i said “y” she killed me with a bow after failing to have the bear eat me