Re-design of the Curse system


It’s ridiculous. I’m just gonna sit back To see how many of the people crying about stronger curses get turfed themselves and then watch as the REAL crying begins. Jason was reluctant to introduce cursing at all. But he did, and the community improved precisely because people used it properly. He THEN lessened the severity AND introduced deductions of curses for non-play time. Why? He felt the drama was lacking.


Jason was reluctant because the curse system is a construct that doesn’t exist in real life. His argument for it is that reincarnation of bad guys also doesn’t exist in real life, but it exists in the game, so it needed to be balanced with curses (his meaning, my summary).

I have asked the dev in charge of the system to change the basis from calendar time to play time, so your “positive” play time will be weighed against your curses. The criteria will become something like “many curses per hour played” results in banishment. I think that will be more fair than “many curses per day (or week)”.
What do you think? (and what do the rest of you think?)



IM BUYING THE ADDITIONAL CONTENT in the next update ;w;)w


It’s enough to keep the term if curse system works right. However, griefers throw off their given curse now. The discussion of the punishment time has no meaning until they do that. I would like you to fix the player ID acquisition system and the curse system to work well.


@YellowTail We are investigating that rumor too. So far, we have not seen any proof that players can reset their curse points, even though some say they can. There was an instance where a player with a black speech bubble managed to get spawned within inhabited area instead of in Donkey Town. That’s an error of the spawn logic in that case - not of the curse system. We may have to rewrite that part of the code to make sure it’s bullet proof (I’m sure everyone who complains about Eve spawn would love to see that happen too :smile:) . Anyway, the work continues…


Yeah, definitely. :confused:


All of the chatter on the forum countered Jason’s arguments about IRL to the point where he actually did implement the curse system. In real life we have police and courts and jails to remove criminals from society. In real life those people also get released from prison. Some reformed. Some bent on recidivism.

What differs is the curse system he introduced was the same one we were given on mobile (although you have to type the person’s name to curse them). You’ve redesigned it. Jason has also redesigned it. The difference now is he reduced the penalty system (at one point wondering if the drama was missing :joy:) and you’ve increased it and made it far too easy for normal players to get swept up and away. I just saw an Eve take a noob curse the other day (wondering what that button was for)! Pity on that player should they get a curse back from a griefer or a mistaken curse again!

I believe a fix like you suggest would/should make a huge difference and regular players won’t find themselves banished nor will griefers be able to use the curse system to grief. And, as long as each hour of regular game play continues to remove a curse then I don’t think we will ever see mistaken banishments. Thanks.

Ooh! What about an early warning system? Black text box for someone near the threshold of being sent to donkey town so the community knows when we are birthing griefers? !!!


The current curse system quite literally makes me want to quit the whole game overall. It can be abused so easily.


Did that happen to you, @WumboJumbo? Please share your experience.


This is basically my exact experience @Christoffer.


From what I heard, they rewrite their phone’s IMEI or something like that and reset their curse point. I don’t know how you recognize us and know it’s just a rumor.
Oh… is it serious? A player with black speech said the player had been cursed in the player’s previous life but it’s by mistake and the point is not over the threshold. And we swallowed it… I don’t know what the player do in the life but I don’t feel good.
Problems come after and another. We appreciate you working hard.






今ドンキータウンにいます(:anger:^ ω ^)


When I tried to go out from a tutorial room, someone not only came into my room without saying anything but also “it” built an adobe oven base to disrupt my act. Then, I curse “it” but the curse doesn’t seem work. Is it normal work? I hate the disturbing behavior. So, I would like you to let curse work in tutorial or to make tutorial that never get disturbed by anyone.


Can we make it that when you curse someone they can’t be born to you. And if you are an eve anyone cursed by you even in your past lives can’t be born into the bloodline.














I think I got false reported.

I spawned in and in two different lives, my mom left me to die. The third life I spawned into a village but spawned to death. The fourth life, I was an Eve, had a child, the child ran away and I got bit by a rattlesnake but I died because I was banished. What did I do??

I’ve seen people accidentally curse others or just do it cause they are mad at the player. This was also in US-Beginner so I didn’t kill anyone. This isn’t really fair. :confused: @Christoffer