Rebirth, Rekindling, and the Importance of Helping Others / 転生、復興と助け合いの大切さ


when you die, if the ground is very crowded, you will lose the body(:skull:).

If you are killed, you can’t go back with a small number of family members.


That’s 1 generation you have created as an Eve, so that’s 1FP. Also, you have raised 1 person to adulthood (age 14), so that would have been an additional FP for that, except it’s the same person in this case.

Or it might be that for balancing reasons, we need to make it 10FP for 1 generation, so we can have rewards that are smaller than the reward for one generation.


This would have to be solved, as one of the “Supporting Feature” I mentioned. Thanks for pointing it out!


I mean something like someone cutting down trees that you planted even if they didn’t mean to grief. Or let your farm die just because there are more than enough food. I’ve started families several times to know that it happens often. They threw away tools and hides crowns. Most of the time people are not griefers, and we just think differently. With players that I know, they would respect my work and this kind of things never happened.


Being able to get reborn in a family where you have played with most players before, should make the situation you mention less likely to happen than it is now though. And when a new player joins, there are more of you who can take the time to explain to the newbie. So it looks like an improvement to me?




  • リセットマラソンをする人の理由をなくす。
  • 荒らし行為をする人の力を減らす。
  • あなたの村/家族がよく分からない赤子(荒らし)を育ててしまうリスクを減らす。
  • あなたの好きな村/家系に戻るチャンスを与える。
  • 滅んでしまった村/家系が復興できるようにする。
  • 子孫に有益なことができたという達成感を与える。思いやりの多いプレイヤーほど高いスコアを得られる。



  • あなたの家族にいる子どもが大人になるまで育つことを手助けした分だけポイントを得られます。今のところこれをFP(ファミリーポイント)と言うことにしましょう。FPを得るためには母親である必要はありません。
  • イブとして生まれ新しい家系を作った時、新しい世代ができ、その子どもたちが大人になるたびにFPを得ます。それはその家系が初めて絶えてしまう時まで続きます。
  • FPは転生か復興(以下参照)を選んだ時に消費されますが、それとは別に永久的に総合スコアを記憶し、総合スコアは減りません。



  • その家系に子どもを産める女性がいる。
  • 自分がその家族に追放されていない。
  • その家族があなたの転生を積極的に望んでいる。これは亡くなったプレイヤーの骨をきちんとしたお墓に埋めることで示される。もし誰かが荒らしであったり、一緒にプレイして気持ちの良い感じではなかった時は、その骨を埋めないことによって自分の家系に戻れなくすることができる。





  • 全ての家族が死んでしまった、または子どもを産める女性も女の赤子もいなくなった。
  • 自分がその家族に追放されていない。
  • 自分がその家族にお墓に埋めてもらった、または自分がその家系の最後の一人である(もう誰も埋めてくれる人がいない)。








I am one of the few Eves who have a big family and insist on raising children. I think I have a certain voice. But during this time, I feel exhausted. When you have more things, there was a big fight in my home last week. My children killed all my sheep. They even wanted to kill me with their bows and arrows. They brought my carriage with the key of the door lock to the unknown place. I think even if the mechanism was modified, griefer. Behavior still exists. Eve, who I know have beautiful home, are all very good person. Not having children really gives many players a bad impression, but when they go to other families, they are often willing to help their mothers. Our family had been established long before the appearance of private clothes. Neighbors helped each other and established deep friendship. If you have any suggestions, we would like to try our best to improve, and you are very welcome to join us. It must take a long time for you to think about this mechanism Chris,but on behalf of Eve players who in ep2 and us,I hope you can think about it for us a little more. We really really love our home .:pensive:


Can I reply to a Chinese version?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


  • 消除人们进行马拉松式自杀的原因
  • 减少破坏者对玩家的影响
  • 降低抚养陌生婴儿对城镇/家庭的风险
  • 给玩家回到最喜欢的家庭/城镇的机会
  • 有恢复已经死亡的家庭/城镇的可能
  • 当你做有益于后代的事情时,给你一种成就感。更有帮助的玩家将获得更高的分数。


  • 每帮助一个孩子成长到成年(是14岁),您将获得积分,我们称之为FP(家庭积分)。你不是孩子母亲也能得到FP。
  • 如果你作为一个夏娃产生并创建一个新的家庭,每一个后代成年都会给你提供FP,直到家庭所有人死亡。
  • 当你选择rebirth(重新出生)或Rekindle(唤醒过去的家庭)(见下文)时会使用FP,但是我们也会保留一个不会减少的永久分数



  • 那个家庭里还有一个可以生育的女性。
  • 你没有被家人驱逐。
  • 家人积极的希望你能回到他们身边。这是通过将死去的家庭成员埋在适当的坟墓中来完成的。如果某人捣乱或与他人相处得不愉快,不埋葬那个人,这样他们就不能再回到这个家庭。




  • 这个家庭已经死亡,或者没有生育的妇女或女孩。
  • 你没有被家人驱逐。
  • 你被家人埋葬了,或者你是最后一个死去的家庭成员之一(当时没有人可以埋葬你)。




如果我们只是实现了这个设计并且其他一切都保持不变,那么对于玩家来说会有一些困难。例如:由于玩家必须被埋葬才有资格重生,因此必须有一个确定的方法让家人找到在荒野中死亡的人的遗体(例如,一个特殊的指南针向你展示道路) 。我们也会添加这样的手段。


Thanks, your efforts are much appreciated!


@974975893 I feel as if we are speaking past each other here. Let me try to paint the picture of your situation as I understand and then you can correct me if I am wrong?

  1. You have built a place you like - your home. You do not wish to lose it.

  2. The current way to keep coming back to this place is to a) respawn as Eve, by doing a baby suicide marathon until you become Eve; b) live to 60; c) Since there is a risk that someone can kill you, it’s safest if you don’t play with others and that you let children starve; d) you can never take a break from your “home” play, because then you could lose your way to come back.

Correct, or did I misunderstand?

Now I wish to replace the Eve respawn logic. Among other things, I want a solution which

  1. doesn’t give any reward for suiciding
  2. gives you a reward for raising children (but doesn’t punish you if you don’t)
  3. doesn’t demand that you survive to 60, so you don’t have to fear children or other players will take away your chance to “respawn”
  4. allows you to play in different families, but still allows you to go back to your home afterwards

It seems everyone would be a winner, including you? Help me understand why you don’t think that would be the case? Thanks.


What about times when there are only few players? If it does happen, I’m the one left to clean up the mess cause random players are not as invested as I am like I said. It wouldn’t be fair to let me face that kind of situations. Someone threw away (or lost idk) a key to a wooden box and I couldn’t open it ever since cause it would be troublesome to try out all lock&key combinations. Those players, like me, who dedicate to build large developed towns with high tech should not to deal with all these. We’ve already came up with design to prevent respawning inside our town, lock picking and blocking doors. With the new system we are basically inviting potential chaos into our towns. I’ve met people like Amber, Charlotte, Heidi in eu2, and I would love to raise them as kids but definitely not random players. Can’t take the chance. They can cut down tree in just one second and it take me two generations to plant one.


How do you solve that today?


What do you mean? Solve what?



What is your current solution to this?


I honestly don’t know. I’d prefer the eve spawn mechanism now unless with the new system I can have control of whether a player can stay in my town even if I raise them up.


Can u keep the exsisting servers and create some new servers for corporation things. The point is, we don’t want to lose our towns which we dedicated so much.


I don’t see how that changes though?

Today: you can choose to starve or raise a child. You can choose to help or kill a grown player.

With the change: you can choose to starve or raise a child. If you raise, you gain an FP. You can choose to help or kill a grown player.

There are many other things that change, but not the thing you seem to worry about? What am I not seeing, that you want me to see here?


i agree@River


If I don’t have a baby, I can not reborn a eve?


This I can understand, that’s easy.

In order for me to be able to improve the game for all, while not causing you to loose your town, I need to know the following:

  1. How do you make sure that you don’t loose your towns today?
  2. How would the changes make it impossible for you to keep the towns?

Scenarios like: “today I avoid A, by doing B, but with that change, I won’t be able to avoid A anymore.”
If you can give me that information, I can see if it’s either: still possible for you to do B after the change, or see to it that you can instead do C to avoid A.
Hope this makes sense?