Rebirth, Rekindling, and the Importance of Helping Others / 転生、復興と助け合いの大切さ


i dont see the gain of a reset every week. what will be reset?


hahahah me neither…why should they reset the
Server every week??lol


Another thing: with the new system, would the eve spawn spiral be farther away than it is now? There is no point of spawning near a “dead town” cause it might not be dead after all.


I can’t agree with you more


I think the biggest concern is some of the easy ways griefers can destroy the town and the unreasonable solutions players come up with for them. For example a griefer hides a lot of tools in town so a player that means well chops down every tree thinking it will help keep them visible.

Unlike in ohol its a bit more dificult to find tools since they arnt outlined by mousing over them.

I think that one of the main reasons a lot of players choose solo even though they might not realise it is because of how other members of the family reacts to griefers.

They either ignore the griefer or they react in such a way that they end up causing more damage then the griefers themselves had.

While it seems possible to solo at first glance the problem is that babys could rekindle the solo town for example. So i dont think babies should be able to rekindle if they die before a certain age.

As for being reborn into a family i believe that its going to be a good system but heres some sugestions.

  1. Being burried gives extra points instead of being a requirement. (An exeption would be if the player only has to be buried once in the family and subsequent lives do not have to be burried. Then it would be fine in my opinion to make it a requirament to rekindle but not be reborn)

  2. Each banisment point makes you require more fp to be reborn and to rekindle unless the player was fully banished then they are lineage banned.

  3. Banishment should be family lineage specific instead of server wide and perminant. For example lets say i make a Mandrake lineage. Someone gets cursed in generation 1 they dont play for a few days then gets cursed in generation 24 and rekindles the family in genration 30 or something then gets cursed again they should be perminantly lineage banned.
    (There of course should be exeptions such as if the player who cursed the griefer gets lineage baned then all their banishments on other players become invalid)

  4. Relates to 3. There should be a teir of banishment after being lineage banished that spans all servers. Perhaps after being lineage banished 3 times players are forced to only spawn as eves or rekindle or be reborn to their own family lines they have created. If they get lineage baned 3 more times then they can only have other banished players born to them. This cycle repeats until eventually they have to spend multiple lives as a lone eve unable to even rekindle until they spend enough time in alone in the wilderness.


It seems like what most people want is a easy way of identifying who spawns to them as well as being able to control if they spawn to them again. I suggest forced usernames and limited username availability (no 2 can be the same) would be great if everyone spawns with that as their first name. Then a banned list for who you don’t want birthing to you can be made with those users.

Mind you I would still like an in-game currency of some sort to track progress.

I didn’t suggest this before because I wasn’t certain what direction the game could be allowed to go but if were going to keep jumping through hoops with cursing and the fp system it might be simpler.

Forced usernames idea

I think a major part of this game is naming your children though. If we force usernames then players wouldnt be able to name their children.

Oh it could be that their usernames become their first name if they are not named and would be a middle name if they are named.


I’d be fine with it if the username appeared in the family tree section in parenthesis near the last player you tapped to check out. It dosnt have to appear immediately in game for me I guess if its not possible to get it in there.

Forced usernames idea

I like that. That way players with know how could check who theyre playing with while new players and people who prefer not knowing who they are playing with can be blissfully ignorant.


That would be the best way to solve the problem of vandalism.


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If you want to go back as before, I think it is a good idea to save FP with a different server. It takes time, but I believe you can do it if you love the city. Isn’t that all about it?

People on eu2 servers may find it better to use friend servers or solo servers.

Also, I do not like server reset every week because I liked to make a bell tower.


I like your thoughts about rebirth and rekinding.
For Eve, burial is not must.But burial can reduce points to be uesd rekinding .


I think there was a bit of a misunder standing when it came to the mechanics. I think chris was trying to say that in order to rekindle (previously eve spawning) you would have to spend Family points. Family points can be earned in any family on any server so you would have to play with other players ( not in your own town) in order to build up fp to rekindle your solo family.

The only problem with that system from what i saw was that your children could rekindle your family after dying out which would cause problems for solo play.
(Which is why i suggested for babys who die before a certain age to not be able to rekindle.)


If the option of being infertile is available, I think it would work.


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Thank you


I disagree the buried system.
what if we can’t make a shovel in the first generation?