Rebirth, Rekindling, and the Importance of Helping Others / 転生、復興と助け合いの大切さ


I like that. That way players with know how could check who theyre playing with while new players and people who prefer not knowing who they are playing with can be blissfully ignorant.


That would be the best way to solve the problem of vandalism.


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If you want to go back as before, I think it is a good idea to save FP with a different server. It takes time, but I believe you can do it if you love the city. Isn’t that all about it?

People on eu2 servers may find it better to use friend servers or solo servers.

Also, I do not like server reset every week because I liked to make a bell tower.


I like your thoughts about rebirth and rekinding.
For Eve, burial is not must.But burial can reduce points to be uesd rekinding .


I think there was a bit of a misunder standing when it came to the mechanics. I think chris was trying to say that in order to rekindle (previously eve spawning) you would have to spend Family points. Family points can be earned in any family on any server so you would have to play with other players ( not in your own town) in order to build up fp to rekindle your solo family.

The only problem with that system from what i saw was that your children could rekindle your family after dying out which would cause problems for solo play.
(Which is why i suggested for babys who die before a certain age to not be able to rekindle.)


If the option of being infertile is available, I think it would work.


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Thank you


I disagree the buried system.
what if we can’t make a shovel in the first generation?



Here is the link to the official you are hope discord. Cristoffer ocasionally posts some extra information there that doesnt always make its way to the forums.


I agree with one thing is that the suggestion which we can choose raise a baby or not. It’s a very efficient idea!


I totally agree with you.

But how about making this an exception on desperately low populated servers?


Servers with less population do not have the power to banish griefer.

And they do not have much power to revive a destroyed village.

There are not many people who make grave.

Thank you for considering the measures for the player


Have you thinked that 3 or 4 people to destory your town in midnight? You don’t know who they are, and they can destory every town. Griefers often choose a few people online time to cut down trees, kill sheep and murder, they are not stupid men!


The system that chrisstoffer is proposing will reduce the like liness of griefers spawning into a players village as that they would have to be burried to be reborn.

Also since he also expressed a desire to restructure the curent servers to be accessible to every player regardless of language the problem of low population servers will be mostly resolved.

Using points to rekindle your eve town will be easier for solo players since they will be the only player alive in their town when the family dies and the children would have had to have been burried in order to rekindle the town.

Players who are not solo players will have an easier time getting born into a family since they could only be born to a solo player once because they automatically get lineage baned if they dont get burried.


Now i see people talking about private servers, i was thinking if we could release an update where you can buy a private server with unlimited time, which costs some money, but you don’t have to pay after that.


I think the DD team is avoiding that because the servers are still going through a kind of experiential phase. Besides the payment for a perminant private server would be much more than what most of us would expect lol

Its not like paying a subscription fee to netfix or something. Instead we would be paying for an actuall server to be running for long periods of times.

Though it would be nice to be able to pay for mutiple months in one payment.


Many family have bell, they can follow the bell to find a town. Also, some people know the map, they can return a same city.