Release 1.13.0 what’s new? / バージョン1.13.0とは?


We will release this update as soon as it passes Apple’s review. This update took longer than expected to finish, in part due to release of new devices and new requirements from Apple, but mostly because we couldn’t stop tweaking and changing our minds back and forth on how the new backgrounds should look.

We are changing the look of the biomes, and there are so many ways to go wrong, and also many different ways to do it right. At the end, we had to pick one approach and stick to it. Hopefully, most of you will like it, even though people generally don’t like changes.

There are of course some other news as well, so here you go:

  • All biome backgrounds have been replaced with new, more colourful ones.
  • Avoid spawning new animals in the wrong biome.
  • A bug report button in the settings menu.
  • Family Chronicle posts can now be deleted or flagged.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes interrupted writing in the family chronicle.
  • Other small fixes & improvements.





  • バイオーム(気候区分)の背景を新しくもっとカラフルに差し替え
  • 適切でないバイオームに生物が生まれることを回避
  • 設定画面にバグ等の報告ボタンを設置
  • 一家年代記の投稿を削除・報告可能に
  • 一家年代記の入力中に中断してしまうバグを修正
  • その他の修正と改良


I read that as couldnt stop twerking :joy:




The black bars will be no more! :grin:


The release is out now. Hope you like it!







Thank you for the update.
I played immediately.
However, my eyes were very tired after playing for one hour because of the new background color.

I think that the color of the desert and the snowy field is wonderful.
However, the color of jungle, meadows and wetlands may be a little too dark.

Please reconsider.
Thank you.


Thanks for the feedback! We will give it a while and hear from everyone who has opinions before deciding if we should tweak anything further. Your opinion is also valuable in this.


I agree.


For me its not out :frowning:


Love the new textures. I have a love-hate relationship with the dark jungle because of the mosquitoes. I do agree the grass and wetlands should be lighter though.




The green of the wetlands is very similar to the green of the grasslands. They blend together. Thankfully the blue spots help out though I think the grass should be a little lighter


You are very correct . I get very confused too.


My eyes hurt. The dark background makes it very difficult to discern items. They are very pretty backgrounds, but please make them lighter.


Grasslands and swamps are easily confused
They look like oil paintings
I think it should be concise




Thanks for all feedback on the backgrounds, both in this thread and in other places. Please go here to see what will come out of it in the next step: The new backgrounds