Return of the Weekend Event!



We win. Out team name is “Team”.


I was your only competition for the first round :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i was in the middle of building a bridge across the second water area when yall destroyed the world lmao. Literaly the only person in my team until the last hour when someone spawned in and stayed in the camp lol. My whole team didnt stay more than a minute rip lol


Honestly, I got it easy.
Someone else doing the breaking wall on the east while I was cooking on the west. I log in in the last minute about 45 minutes.

True. I died a couple of times before finally managed to cook some pies. lol


I was on the heart team. I meant that all the heart team members joined and got assigned to my team but imeaditly stoped playing without doing anything. Didnt plant anything or gather just joined then died, and stoped playing. So i was left with nobody on my team while the diamonds had around 8 members. Lol i solo did everything and almost got through. Btw is there a third river we have to cross or does it stop after two?


Sorry, I don’t remember. I think there’s only two.