Screenshot Competition instead of event this weekend


Wow that sound like fun! I am going to try to get some pictures…


I have an i ipad to, but its and Ipad Air 1


Go into Settings, General, and then About.

You should see something like this.



I see we will need one more rule :wink:
Let’s decide that the maximum number of contributions from one person is 5. So only share the 5 best images you have.


Nice screenshots! You realy see the action in a city. I like that i was there on a lot of your screenshots! (Screenshot 4, girl talking to bb, with bb saying: :heart:️, screenshot 7, girl saying: so meny members!, screenshot 9, girl saying: DEFEND!, screenshot 10, me saying: this is turning to a movie! Screenshot 11: girl saying Rip, screenshot 12, girls saying: oh lol, next to 2 of my grandkids, then some funny pictures of you talking and lastly: screenshot 16, with me with one sock walking around. Like how you tell a life story!




Made this whole building from scratch.


Except for the bear skins.


i make those letters for the sign for Panda :blush:


Finally, after thinking long i got my pictures. Hope i got some good ones!

Picture 4 is my best one i think.


Thats 6, just to say before you are not nominated.


Just don’t pick one of them then.


Didn’t play much this weekend so this is all I have.
Android phone.



When will the winner be chosen?


If it is still going I better get some screenshots


You are still welcome to contribute. When we create the next update we will pick some of these to be featured on the store page, so that’s probably by the end of the week.


Here are the winning contributions. I will contact the winners. Thanks for participating!