Seed things in 3x3 patches


Don’t create huge fields of berry bushes or other farm products. You should always leave unfarmed rows around your 3x3 farm patches. That’s where you put baskets, soil, tools, compost, etc. this way is much more effective, as it reduces the running back and forth with everything.


I like 4x6 farm fields surrounded by wooden floors tbh, but that’s just me i guess c:


Yeab because a lot of willages have like 50 berry bushes and they always drain them


@Christoffer Yes! Good idea!


Ya but the problem is that evewy willage has like 10X10 berry bushes


True - people are less likely to restock the central bushes if bowls/water/soil is far away


Ya and then it’s my job because nobody wants to do it and if we dont do it we all starve. Learn people god damet


I dont really agree. If people were assigned to manage the farm and it was spread out in different areas and such. I think large farms are nice. As long as they arent to big. But I like big so ^-^