Snake incident


My eyes adjust to the light of the new world. My mother seems to be an Eve, as we are in the middle of nowhere. But mother… is AFK? Now what? I’m going to starve! After a bit she wakes up again. She names herself “Boy Die” She picks me up and tries to drop me a on a wild boar. I run away fast enough to see the boar bite my mother istead of me. My last words before I starve, in baby talk, is “L” “O” “L”
Family Tree


Why’d she try to kill you?


I hate this kind of player. One time I’ve borned to a mother who keeps pick me up and down until she get starved and die. And a mother who picked me up, give me a nice name only to shoot me with a bow. And being dropped to rattle snakes, and fed me to a bear.


I have no idea… She was an Eve though.


Some eves only accept female babies in order to try and get more females. Its something they’ve learned from low population servers and they misunderstand how it works when they go to high population servers.
If the baby dies they can try getting reborn as a female to them. But on high population servers theres no reason to do so since the eve will almost certainly have female children.

Also there are some players who try to recreate the no boys cults from ohol youtube vids.

Theres also some misguided players who think boys are useless in the game.