(Split topic) Discussion about to raise or not to raise babys


What kind of game do you think this game is?
I think it is a game that connects family lines.
Please tell me your opinion.


Since the resources of the public server are everyone’s, I think that it is impossible to have your own village. The struggle comes from trying to monopolize resources. It can only be done on private servers.


Someone suggested that only eve are given the choice and if you choose infertility you don’t get FP. I think it’s fair.


Ideally it would be perfect if players could play together and werent griefing each other compleatly. For example in the japanese servers people are less likely to grief others simply because if they dont like how a village or town is going they can simply die or leave and find another village. Ive snuck into Japanese servers before and was amazed by how they ca leave knives everywhere unblocked bearcaves and enough players to have multiple people doing comman jobs like farming without fighting with each other for stealing their suplies etc.
Small population servers have developed a much difreant culture sadly. We build walls and hide our weapons incase we need to stop a griefer with them.

I know that sounds barbaric but unfortanetly thats a major problem for small servers. For example theres a town of 6 players 1 is a griefer. He gets banished for griefing but now theres five players left in the town and most things are destroyed. Only two players have banishment tokens left. Now youve got the problem 5 frustrated players in a broken town and only two curse tokens left and no other players playing on the server. So its extreamly likely one of the 5 players will grief to since they cant be banished.

Theres also a major chance that any babies you raise will be griefers that cant be banished because everybodys tokens have been used already etc.


We all spend money on the game and I think it’s only fair that we get what we want mostly. You can play on JP with family and I get to play solo in eu2, and don’t tell me how to play this game. Problem solved.


Private servers arnt as inclusive as you seem to believe. For example wry.a has friend server but nobody to invite. If they did have a lot of people willing to play together it would be difreant but unfortunately that is not the case. Not because wry.a doesnt have friends or anything its just nobody wants to risk inviteing griefers to their private server where they cant remove the invite links.

Also keep in mind that players on low population servers wont have many people to invite in the first place since most of those servers have less that 10 to 20 active players each in an intere day.


You can build your own town and raise your children, and I can choose to be a solo player. I think it’s not conflict. The server is public. So why restrict my play?


If you really want it, why not propose a fertility server that does not have FP points?

I do not go because I am not interesting


There is some merit to what you said about how there is no infertility in the primordial age and how on low population servers things are done in a difreant way thn on high population servers.

However i believe you are over looking another fundamental problem in the game and that is the lack of technalogical advancement for familys that raise all of their children. My point is that even on japanese servers it usually takes 20+ generations before the family has reached Newcoman technologys if they care for every child etc.
On low population servers that is simply impossible its already hard to reach generation 20 and thats if everyplayer is killimg themselves if they spawn as an eve. Even more impossible if you waste ressources on griefers.
However a solo player can teach that level in 10 lives. Less if theyre really good or lucky. Have enough resources to sapport themselves and friends. And to top it all off its not like they are hogging resources since other eves will spawn in other locations.

Unfortianately on low population servers a competent griefer means death of the town. It means no girls are left. Little food and they probably killed the original eve when they respawned.


To be honest, how do you think it’s possible for someone to own all the resources in a infinite map


it’s none of ur business how I play this game and on which server. Why does it bother you that I spend FP for solo play on whatever server I want?


I personally think theres to many misconceptions about solo players. It seems lot of players think that solo players are evil players who somehow took over towns and now wont let others play inside these amazing creations of the community. But they are simply wrong. While there are some solo players who raise babys at the biggening to help speed up the eve camp process they have done almost everything by themselve.

The horse carts. The roads. The walls. The large amounts of food. The car. The water pump. The oil setup. Its all done by the solo player they didnt inherit it and they dont need to let others inherit it either.

The reason why christoffer is wanting to change the family mechanics is to prevent the situation right now where there will be 4 solo players on one server and babies bouncing between all of these players because of fear of being griefed.

The system he proposed will make it so all players can chose to either be solo players or to live together already by choosing to rekindle their family.
so an infertile option seems valid to me @paper @WRY.A

And finally @sayuchan it is physically impossible for one solo player or even 20 solo players to claim so much of an infinite map that it would be a large inconvenience to other players.
Also being forced to play together is difreant then being incuraged to play together. Chrisstoffer seems to want to incurage players to play together but he also does not want to ruin the game for those who dont want to play together.


Totally! I think the new system would work fine.


I thought it would be strange to disagree with the point system because I want to play solo efficiently.
If you are convinced by the system I lose the need to discuss.

Please play as you like.


Im making an assumption here but i believe that you would get family points for your own life to so becoming an adult would probably give you a point. And since chrisstoffer had said that smaller familys will probably cost less points to rekindle. (Solo familys will always only have 2 generations anyways) i think he also mentioned that eves wont need to be burried to rekindle. This leads me to believe that the new system will have no effect on solo play besides ocasionally playing in a normal family to acumulate points to rekindle your solo family.

The only problem would be dead babies who atempt to rekindle your solo town which may cause issues. I wpuld hope there would be restriction where a player has to reach adult hood to be able to rekindle.


I think the solo player is not an evil player but he is clinging to the city. The same was true for me.
The baby is not buried in the grave, and you are the last person to be.
I think it is better to save the FP where children other than your own town are welcome


You can not return without using FP points
You need to play with other people to get FP points

In other words, it can be said that it will be a little harder to return.


There is no hope to limit it, but if all servers qualify for infertility, most people will become infertile.
This game is no longer family oriented. When I give birth to a child, a cursed world may come. Example: The town was destroyed because you gave birth to a child. My lineage was lost because you did not give birth.

So I thought that dedicated server is good.


The point of the new system is that you have to play with family at least for couple of times to gain FP to respawn as eve in ur town. If you choose infertility every single time, you can never get back to ur town.


If you want to make solo play efficient,
Instead of not gaining FP
I think an infertility server using the current system is appropriate.

How about proposing it? I do not propose because I do not play solo.

I am negative that all mothers have the option of infertility.