(Split topic) Discussion about to raise or not to raise babys


Do not do it on other servers. I think this game is something that makes something for the offspring. Not just for yourself.


???who are you to tell me how should I play??? I will play on whatever server I want however I want. I don’t grief which means that I don’t intentionally ruin other people’s fun. Besides that whatever I do is none of ur business


Let’s respect each other’s play style and try to keep this a friendly debate :slight_smile:


I have no objection to your opinion. I used to think the same way. But when your home is becoming beautiful, and your descendants are wasting your accumulated resources wantonly, for resource-rich families, adoptive children are like gambling, as children you can not bear the consequences, only the mother quietly after your death to sort out the chaotic home.


I totally respect how other people want to play this game. Honestly Idc as along as they do not grief in my town. I just get really pissed off when people are telling me what I should do or should not. I might sounds too aggressive. Sorry about that.


I understand your frustration, just reminding everyone to cool down a bit :heart:


Even in Japanese servers, player choice and child neglect occurred using secret words. I feel very sad about it.


us1 and Eu2 servers don’t have as many people as Jap servers, often about five. I really envy Jap servers. The people there are very kind to their children. When I was born, my mother gave me all her clothes. I was deeply moved, but not all servers can be like that. The situation of Eu2 is special. It needs to be tailored to local conditions.


I can not respect because the play style of eu2 player is selfish.
If you want to do a selfish play style, I think I should do it, but of course it buys grudges from neglected children.

I understand that the population is small. However, even though there is a private server, I do not understand the meaning of sticking to eu2.
Do not object to the new system with a selfish play style.


selfish?Do u know my pain?


I was killed as Eve,It means I’ll lose my home forever!


??? Mind ur own business pls. You don’t get to call us selfish. Will you build a exact same town in my private server for me ? To compensate for all my efforts putting in eu2? If not, why on earth can’t I play solo on whichever server? It’s not like you’ve brought the game for me.


I also dreamed that my family could be passed down to hundreds of generations. Everyone has different opinions on games and the right to express their own opinions, but you deny others’views on games, selfish? lol


Sayuchan if you want to question the play style of eu2 i suggest playing there and experiencing it for yourself.
To really get a feel for it play for a week with out playing on any other server except US or Singapore (servers with similar populations and qualitys)

You say its selfish to play solo? Lets disect and examine that comment.

Firstly solo play is to play with out other players and to acumulate resources while learning to support yourself. You learn to create the items in the game at your own pace etc.
I can understand thinking its selfish to not share excess resources. But does a fisherman have to give his fishing pole his fish his boat and his house to someone because they desire his hard work?

Now lets adress the reason why people think players must play together. Its simply jealously and misunderstandings in my opinion.

Saying solo players are selfish states that you envy what they have acomplished so your seeking to destroy their acomplishments.

You may think that humans naturally live to gether and should work for the benefit of another to have an easy life but throughout human history cases of a person living on their own away from human interaction living souly on their own work to either seek enlightenment or the more comman reason to avoid conflict occurs often.


I was born three times in eu2 now. All received child neglect. lol


Eventually you will spawn as an eve. Try making a town i can almost guarantee that you will experiance the struggles there.


She may not understand.
She likes his eu2 atmosphere, so I think it would be nice to call eu2 people to a private server.
But I heard that no one called WRY.A.
correction(Their friend did not invite them to private server.
The reason is because they can be a griefer.I think so)
I think his sadness is deep.

She also hates herself for giving up her baby.


When I’m born to a family in EU it’s usually chaos or muder. Last time my mother was murdered and my family all suicided except for me. :cry:


Its a bit of a unique culture thats formed there where most players can tell who you are if they decide to keep you or how you act as a baby. Griefers tend to get noticed soon but last i checked theres not many players left in eu who try to have towns who keep everyone.


??? First of all, I know several players in eu2 and we play together. Is this you call being civil?