Stacking of objects


When can we expect to get an update where we can stack objects. That would be great as then villages can be more organised.


Stackable objects are in data version 132, but so is writing and that’s much more complicated. Otherwise we could have included them in our next update.

Content updates will in general arrive to mobile about 2.5 weeks after they appear on PC. This time we are a little bit late because we prioritized Events over new content. So this week’s update will include Events and the update after that will bring us to data version 135 (stacking, paper & writing, 2 new characters).


Stackable carrots would be great. Often there is a lot of space required for a carrot farm.


I don’t think stackable carrots will ever be a thing. You can already put them in baskets. That is what you are supposed to do.


According to Jason Rohrer this is a multiplayer survival game. Under this condition, nobody would put neatly 3 carrots in a basket. Doesn’t make sense to me.


And you need a LOT of baskets for even a small carrot farm. Carrots not being stackable is a pet peeve of mine. Maybe, if there needs to be complexity to it, a string + 4 or 6 carrots = a bunch of carrots.


There is a method. You put 3 carrots in a basket and 4 baskets in a box or cart. You can fit 12 carrots per tile. When the game was still in early development, carrots were the only sustainable food. I have seen carrot farms bigger than my screen that could feed 15+ people. When everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal. Resources don’t last long they are constantly being replaced. So ideally the carrot farmer would fill a cart then the runners would distribute the carts to different stations and bring back the emptys. But sadly nobody wants to do this anymore because the community got pissy when “decay” was added. I haven’t seen a town like that since long before the mobile version was even thought about.


With the addition of stew and eggs, carrots are no longer a good early game food. I can’t stand it when my kid tries to make a carrot farm before we even have a watering tool


Stackable eggs would be great. Who ever hears of a person in real life setting an egg on the floor and walking away?


Stackable carrots in a basket? Like I’m gonna go all the way to a swamp to get a basket and put 3 measly carrots :carrot: in a basket when I could of used that time to make another row of growing carrots.


I resent the statement after this in fear of lagging out in densely populated areas.

Yeah quite literally everything should be stackable but I rather start with small things that we always have too much of like carrots, eggs, seeds, gooseberries, string and rabbit meat.


You being a newer player. You never experienced the game before the the decay update. It used to be that advanced civilizations would have hundreds of baskets floating around. Imagine living an entire life just building carts just so you would have somewhere to put all the empty baskets. Imagine permanent storehouses with 10+ carts full of carrots. Thats 120 carrots and the farm produces that much each harvest. The game would lag out before you ran out of storage.


Ah yes LavishFox always the only and first one to give me a reply! Indeed I am new and not aware of any updates before 145 or experience regarding those times. An as you claim, the game has already an excessive amount script being runned in a classic city- pushing the limits of even smartphones and here I am foolishly supporting an idea for an update that would add a code that would almost certainly double the script. So yes I restate my fondness of additional stacking seeing it’s possible plight. Thank you for reminding me I forget how different smartphones are from PCs.