Starting from scratch


No, but you can cook a rabit to make a nidle.
•You can carry 3 water pouch in one basket.
•You can only carry one bowl.

Like I mentioned in my long response: There is two ways to start a farm.

  1. The easy way (with a water pouch)
  2. The hard way (with a bowl)

You will know wish one is better for you after hundreds of hours of game play.


I am personally a “bowl first” player, but it don’t get mad at water pouch players.
Both ways are fine in my book. However, bowl first requires only two ropes, where as skin first needs a third.
You do need water pouches to make a forge tho :wink:
So honestly, it’s up to anyone to do whatever they want <3


Thanks for the tip!


No it doesnt. I milkweed farm all the time seed disspear then stum then nothing is left trust me i always the one doing the milkweed farm lately


Personally I think milk weed farming is not a great idea until you get sheep and can make compost - since soil runs out for farming food.

Plus sheep can get you a ball of yarn which attached to a needle will give you 6 uses for making clothes.

I go on milkweed runs searching in one direction for a seperate green biome with a backpack, pie, basket and return with 6 ropes (same as 24 milkweed) or half ropes half thread if I need it.

I also collect 3 ropes in a basket when I first spawn as an eve so I have them ready when I find a place to start and don’t use all the local resources straight away


Ya but tools break fast espeacally the hoe when farming i usually have farms up before milkweed


That’s why you need to get smithing - no milkweed required for making steel tools!



ran into a few players recently who can’t farm (or don’t know how to eat)

thought I would rebump this article as well as another which has links to basic tutorials on youtube

also below is the links to how the controls work on OHOL mobile


Milkweed is a useful farm product in later game stages. If you want to effectively store items then you’ll need crates, along with carts. Mass producing those is really handy. Therefore a milkweed farm combined with a stack of butt logs could be really handy for your village. A tree farm is better yet.