Suggestion: Alien Abuction


Alien spaceships that come to abduct your domesticated cows. Not all of them. Just one


I hear that the aliens intend to come for the cows as soon as they have climbed their own tech tree to flying saucers… :wink:


OHOL alien version? I’m down for that


OHOL on an alien planet? With intergalactic invasion at the top of the tech tree? I think we need to talk to Jason


I wouldn’t hold my breath. Though it’s a fun idea, the strength of ohol is the deep humanity of it. Let’s leave the aliens to their own problems…


That seems more work than what it’s worth. I think making a mod is a more likely scenario.


Well in theory if we keep advancing we’ll soon get to the space age at around the 1960’s. This is unfortunate since Ohol is a two dimensional world. Maybe if we imagined it as a hollow sphere with a sun in the middle and gravity because of spinning…