Suggestion to DualDecade, (PLEASE READ)


Hello, I have the most probably interesting question you might ever have. I’m only emailing you because of mobile, not PC. My question is can you make mobile even more unique by on lying giving mobile a single play mode, or lan mode, cause this would change everything for this game and make of course mobile unique and bring more players on to your game, or OHOL. Many people aren’t going to always be online when on their phone or tablet, so when players are on a road trip they can play it offline aswell. Ps make it free, cause I spent all my money on the game, and also bought the observation mode, so I can watch family.

Second suggestion is to please add a text or something so when you spawn into tutorial mode, people will know they can turn it off, which also might keep more of your new players.

My third suggestion is to add signs to the game, as it could be easier for us to leave one of are marks on the world, or be usefull to sort areas of the city. But please make it so you can only place one sign and you can’t pick it up or make it hard to craft as people will abuse it because they can type more on it, or you could do the same thing with your texting in game feature, so if your 10, you can only type 10 letters on the sign, or have a limit.

Also if you read this, im the top positive review on One Hour one Life, trying to help recommend to the people reading the comments, and in general trying to show the people that are thinking about buying the game, that OHOL is just a simply great game, as of the uniqueness of it.

Love the game, keep it up, dont stop.


Why? The developers need to make money somehow.


:sweat: you know the way you take only the text out makes me think that he want the game for free although he mean the single player mode. I am willing to pay for the single player mode I guess cause :thinking: I think it will really cost a lot .


Oh, my bad.


Idk if anyone else went to the Chinese forum but solo play is a feature that they’re saying will be added. Mainly, the players want solo play, a way to play with friends and voice chat. Here is a link to the forum where some of these questions were posted.

@Strikingmageman Just so you’re 100 percent clear, this is strictly the mobile forum and is not associated with the PC version of the game whatsoever.


Also signs are already in the game. You need to put on a rope a long shaft. Then put the tied long shaft on a stack of two boards.

But the letters are extreamly complicated and may take an entire life just to name your town. Also other players can just grab the letters off of it unless you make a lock and key for it.


I wonder why not make it simpler by not just using a sharp stone or flint to scratch the letters on the sign


Why not just have a paint brush and paint the sign instead of creating letters one by one . Make it like we write on paper.


Lol I ment like new features they add, I dont know what I type to make it so unclear, my fualt, I just want new features for free.


Ps make offline mode for free.


It’s a multi player game. It can’t be offline I’m pretty sure.


I think he’s talking about private servers. Now that I think about it, where are private servers? They were promised around late February. Will they be in the new update? :grinning:


We had to pause the development of private servers for a while to accommodate the requests/agreement with Jason. There is not that much left to do before we can launch the first version, once we can get back to finishing the development. Better not make exact promises on release dates though.


I can’t wait!