Sweet family villiage


Ive found my old villiage 24hrs later! It’s had a nice paint job, good job!


Im still working here made hospital and now im making a tempel with a belltower



How do we get back there?, the horse crashed and i was stuck on it just north of the villiage not to far


Yeah i got 2 new horse but i can still spawn back so tell me when u want to meet XD


We just need to finish bell tower then we can always go there


Cant find it back and i did not spawn back super lame.


What server is this???


Its eu2


There are 2 of these they look the same i never found them again


Look what I found


Omg that was the seconde one so nice


Let me spawn there


Come online




Ok tell me when u start a new eve


If u can still spawn here the bell tower is almost finished and more eves can go there and die old age


I went on before and finished it, it needs a bell now. I’ll be on in 2hours


Ok cool ill get the bell ill be there in 2 hours then


Wow i lost my way home -.-