Sweet family villiage


We start with belltower


Got 3 other good players that want to join aswell


We have an Amino


How does that work


Bluebird please leave



Anyone want to make a group on whatsapp so we can start a city and be able to comunicate and organize ourselves better?


FOUND my village lets goo!




Ben ur in? In what server? I gather 5 to 6 people to play w us now lol


We in eu2 code is 7 as baby


Good i’m Telling other too


Btw with family?


Game screwed me cancel my last


Can someone tell me whats the difference between deep and shallow tilled row?


The difference bettew one soil u separate with a bowl from the 3 pach of soils that u takes with the basket in the soil pit . And use the hoe 2x on 1 Soil to obtain a deep tilled row . If u use only 1x the hoe on a single piece of soil u obtained a shallow one . U can obtain the deep row with 2 pieces of soils and use the hoe 1x . Hope u understand it now :slight_smile:


But both serve the same purpose? Can you plant the same stuff on a shallow tilled row that you would on a deep one?


U can’t plant at all on the shallow one


Faz i died tell me if u go another round


I’ll message later