The first bowl of stew has officially been made


The first stew pot on mobile ever created has been made by me. This is an honor.

Thank you for the devs to allow us to do such wonderful things.


A great achievement, but also a bittersweet moment. You were a good son!


Thanks mom <3


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I knew you would be first @TheRedBug


You know how long ago this was, right?


I don’t care


So sad :sob:


I remember the first time I made a bowl of stew. I spend half a life figuring out the recepy and tracking down all the ingredients. Then I tracked down and planted some potatoes just so my people would have the full set. That was a good life.


It’s always fun when you learn new things! I don’t consider myself a pro but I do at the same time. I yet don’t know how to build rails, catch cows etc. But it’s fun when you learn how to do it, even if 1 day later you internalize it and it loses its 'learning magic"


also it was nice when we still had our private parts. the true good days


Don’t you catch cows the same way you do sheep? Yeah, I’ve got a bunch of the most useful skills down, but there’s still a ton to learn.