The new backgrounds


Personally I find the new backgrounds hard to see objects on. I really prefer the old ones. These ones are far too dark/saturated.


I agree.


I like the new backgrounds. Its also easier for me to see mosquitos in the jungle as long as i stop moving for a second.


I love them too


You mean the new backgrounds or the old ones?


They could put in options to make the screen less saturated. Or bolder lines around the items would work.


New ones


I like them, I believe they are going to change the other items to match the new backgrounds hopefully. The other spites look off compared to the detailed background. The green biome looks like the jungle now. And that’s my only complaints.

I see it as a good first move, we still need to get used to it. I’m curious about how the Japanese like it.


My only complaints are the snow and desert. They’re super weird :grimacing:


I love the way the swamp looks now. Holy cow though they are over saturated. It’s an eyestrain, that’s for sure. Agreed that items are much harder to see now, and really kind of makes me wish I hadn’t updated. A setting option to tone it down would be welcome.


couldnt see difference between swamp biome and grassland
swamp biome color is confusing
grassland is too dark and cant see item on it
snowbank in tundra and sanddeposit in desert
IS very weird hard to find it
every biome looks oldish and too dark


The swamp bioms have blue water marks. But the swamp grass is almost the same color as the normal grass. Thats why you cant tell the difreance.
Also because the bioms are still all mixed together its hard to see the borders of the bioms but once the servers are resset (bassicaly the apocalypse) it should be easier to tell them apart.


It’s been a week with the new backgrounds, and feedback has been accumulating. Thanks for sharing your experiences!
These are our takeaways:

Feedback we will act on:

  • The backgrounds are to colorful (saturated). That may look nicer in screenshots, but it is more strain on the eyes to play long ours.
  • Most backgrounds should be a bit lighter and snow should be darker.
  • The contrasts in each background should also be reduced. This will make objects feel more like they “float” on top of the ground (not good), but make it easier to see all objects without straining your eyes (good).

Feedback we accept, but choose not to act on:

  • One fairly common complaint is that wetlands (swamp) are now harder to tell apart from green grass. We actually think this is good. Most camps are built on a combination of grass and wetland. We want that to look good and natural (not be like the earlier patchwork of green grass tiles with some orange/brown/blue bare ground). We will still make some changes to the look of the wetlands (the water is too bright blue for example), but we will not remove the green/grass component which we judge to be a natural part of wetlands. If your instinctive reaction to this is “That’s a bad idea” then please explain why it is important to you to see a strong dividing line between these (in nature) fairly similar biomes. Is it game-play, looks, fear of boars, …? We always listen to feedback.

The result of these changes will be that the game looks a bit more dull, but that it will hopefully play better. That’s a trade we’ll have to make.






  • 背景が鮮やか過ぎる点。スクリーンショットでは綺麗に見えても、長時間のプレイには目の負担になってしまう。

  • ほとんどの背景を少し薄く、雪は少し暗くする必要がある点。

  • それぞれの背景のコントラストを減らす必要がある点。そのせいでアイテムが浮いたように感じられている。


  • 湿地が草原と見分けがつかないというご意見をよくいただきましたが、我々はそれが良い点であると考えています。大体の拠点が草原と湿地の交わるところに建てられますし、それをもっと自然に見せたいと思いました(以前の緑とオレンジ・茶・青の地面のつぎはぎの感じではなく)。それでも湿地には修正を加えますが(水の青が明る過ぎる点など)、緑の草の部分は除かずにいた方が自然の湿地らしいと考えています。もしそれについて反射的に「悪いアイデアだ」と思われるなら、なぜその二つの(現実の自然では)近いバイオームをはっきりと区別することが重要なのか教えていただけますと幸いです。ゲームなら、見た目的に、イノシシが怖いから、などでしょうか?我々はいつもフィードバックを大切にします。


Release 1.13.0 what’s new? / バージョン1.13.0とは?

i might be wrong but the wetlands (swamps) are colder than green/grass. it was easier to see where to stand as a baby to have perfect temperature. but this is my only concern. i like the changes you are making. thanks


Thank you guys for listening!


I’m a big fan of the new wetlands, even a week later, and I feel there is just enough distinction between the two to assuage my fear of boars. Would love to see the grasslands smoother, even after practicing it’s just way too hard to see things on that biome in particular.
I know it’s not part of the backgrounds, but the new character heads are just gorgeous.









I personally like the new swamp bioms. But if your going to change it maybe an idea would be to add a tiny brown ring around all the water like mud and mix a little into the green grass. Should make it clearer for people which tiles are actually swamp tiles without being to difreant from the grasslands. Never been in a swamp irl begore but ive played around plenty of creaks growing up and you can almost always tell where the water saturated soil was compared to the normal everyday not sink half a foot into muddy grass soil.



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Thank you!
I look forward to a new background.
I do not care about the grasslands and wetlands.
I think the game is fun if it is a little difficult.



If you make a farm on multiple biomes, there will be a barn animal what can’t move or can’t breed.