These God forsaken mosquitoes


Mosquitoes are overpowered.

  1. There are way too many.
  2. They’re spawning in every biome.
  3. There is no way to combat or control them.

I’m suggesting one or all of these things needs to change. Maybe through crafting protective clothing. Bug spray. Fly swatters. Nets. Change of effect to an itchy bite like irl. Something. Anything. Please. It’s slowing down gameplay and driving me effing insane.


I think the game master cant control it cause of the new jungle. But we should be able to kill them…

Also i see alot of other animals that are in places they sould not be.


I could make a religion out of this



I get that part as it has already been explained but a solution of some type has not yet been addressed that I am aware of. The other anomalies don’t compare to the mosquitoes imo.


Yes we need to kill them all just like irl


Right… or at least a way to ward them off. Like tiki torches to protect villages and portable ones for traveling. A mosquito eating fish. I don’t care. I’m willing to do whatever it takes. I rarely die because of them, but they slow me down so much. I can’t recall a game where I didn’t get yellow fever. Lol


Fish xD


We should kill offer a baby to muskito gods


All hail the mosquito god


You have been heard. Fewer mosquitoes with version 1.8.0, coming up…




How dare you


Trap them in a spot they cant move or a limited space I guess. Then religion.


Mosquitoes should appear a lot less and i mean a lot, sometimes i need to find a green land just to gather some wood or some seeds and i sometimes walk for minutes without finding one, now jungles are simply everywhere you go, you need food? Just walk a couple of meters and youll find some bananas, need a branch or a seed? Walk for miles through 2 deserts full of snakes, 10 jungles full of mosquitoes and pray that when they hit you with yellow fever at least your basket wont get lost behind a tree and make loose more time looking for it just to get sick again…and maybe again…for real today i spent like half of one life just trying to find my basket…its just dumb


I can relate. This is exactly what I was saying about slowing down gameplay. I lost a basket of iron in the jungle. It was a traumatic experience. I like the resources the jungle provides but I hate the jungle. The land itself is useless because of the mosquitoes and it seems like every jungle biome is vast and abundant. It’s practically impossible to travel through without getting yellow fever. It’s like half of the map suddenly became worthless. Even though the update reduced the amount of mosquitoes, I still feel like they are everywhere. I just want to have the ability to defend against them.


For real this might actually be the end for me…i was pretty much tired of trying at this point but decided to give it another try…started a village, had the first daughter, we had an amazing spot… i started a small milkweed farm and realized there was no more milkweed in the area to make the tools to start a fire so i could cook a bowl to water my milkweed farm…so much stuff…told my daughter we need milkweed to start a fire, im gonna get some brb! Those were my last words to her…i started walking north looking for more milkweed, saw a green land just behind…guess what? Yes…a jungle, and had to cross it, few steps in and i already lost my basket behind a tree, so now i had all the milkweed, but not a basket, almost rage quit at this point, once again relaxed and decided to go on…found a swamp, made a basket, filled it with ropes, went back, got bit and lost basket…didnt rage quit yet, looked for it and couldnt find it…rage quit…fix your game…1 thing you could do would be changing the colour of the flies to a bright red, 1 thing you MUST do is reduce the generation of jungles…actually they should be rare due to the amout of easy to get food they provide…one thing you should do imediately is to make the basket not to fall off of the player hands when he gets bitten by the flies


I feel your pain. Good point about the bananas too. I hate the scenario where I stand next to an eve eating bananas for 5 minutes while she’s having children. One called my brother an asshole for running away. One eve I encountered I tried to communicate with. I told her we need to go find a base. I told her there is nothing to do (in the middle of nowhere) and we should be working on setting up a home. I gave her an ultimatum and said either we go or I go. She stood there, I walked away, she cursed me. Like… wtf? Decreasing the amount of jungle would make this situation less likely since an eve would have to find other food sources which are only available in habitable biomes.


Why develop technology when you got bananas