Tips: Eve spawns


Throughout the many months I’ve been playing I got to experience first hand how eve spawns work and test it all out. Hopefully this helps people to understand how it all works.

  1. What is an eve spawn?

It’s when you spawn as an eve, then turn to 60 and die of old age. You will spawn as an eve there again if you have your home marker set. The most important factor in an eve spawn is the home marker. Make sure to knock down and put back up your home marker each life.

  1. Why are eve spawns important?

As I’ve recently learned from the bell town (currently lost). Is that within one day on a low population server your eve spawn is already 10-20 minute walk away from where your last eve spawn was. After 2+ days your an entire life time from where you last spawned as an eve.

  1. How do eve spawns change?

There’s plenty of ways for your eve spawn change/be erased. If you die to an animal as a kid, even as a baby. If you die to an animal within any life from your last eve spawn you will lose it.

If you die to an animal without your home marker set you will lose your eve spawn in that current eve life.

If you die of starvation before 60 as an eve you will lose your eve spawn.

If you spawn as a baby, and your home marker is set by your mom, or a rung bell tower. You will lose your eve spawn. Then instead the next time you spawn as an eve you will spawn where your home marker was set.

If you die by being killed by a person within any life after your eve spawn. Same as being killed before your home marker is set as an eve.

If a person speaks another main language different from you, your eve spawn has a chance of being set to them at complete random. I have no idea now if this is real, or simply influenced by everything else but yeah.

I have a current theory im working on that you spawn in the tutorial because if you die of old age as an eve on top of an object. Idk if that object has to be one where your body can’t be dead on top of or not.

  1. So solo play…?

Let me say clearly though that “solo play” to build in a single place is completely impossible no matter how hard you could try. There’s so many factors that could make you lose your last eve spawn and have it change that it’s near impossible to maintain it. As well as those same factors contribute to other people being able to spawn as an eve where you yourself are.

  1. What can be done?

Griefers have far FAR FAR, too much power.

From my understanding babies we’re not allowed to curse because of the fact they contributed nothing to a place so far. Babies should be allowed to curse again and cursing needs to be made more powerful.

I still purpose my idea of 1 hour=1 hour of curse, 4 hours of possible curse build up and one extra hour for a smite bonus that kills a person that you curse within 30 seconds. As well as an increased 20 hour curse build up to be sent to donkey town. If anyone has a different idea pls post below.

Idk how well fixing all of those issues would go considering how much there is. I’d imagine it would be a lot of work.


Oh that’s quite helpful.
Thanks for clearing it up for everyone!


Some of this is correct, but some isn’t. This is how it’s supposed to work:

  1. If you are an eve and die from old age (60 years) your position is stored on the server, for later use.
  2. This doesn’t mean that you will become an Eve again next life - if there is a mother available, you will become a baby. Becoming a baby doesn’t remove the position stored in (1).
  3. When you do become an Eve on the same server next time, you will spawn close to your stored Eve position.
  4. If you are an Eve and die before 60 years old, your stored Eve position is removed.

Now to the reason people have so many theories about how this works: there is a bug with (1) which can result in the wrong position being used for you in (3). More correctly, it’s not a bug but an implementation error. Jason describes it here:

We are using the same spawning code, so once we integrate Jason’s fix, the behavior will become less erratic. We plan on doing this very soon.

Can Someone Explain the Eve Spawning Mechanics to me?
Suggestions again XD
Just discovered something

I’m glad this was cleared up!


So far it’s working right, im on my 5th solo eve respawn now. Ty so much! Hopefully everything on my list is put to bed, err never existed.


Now the only problem is, how can i found the same place i was when now I’m an eve?


The only problem is that the feature is still not working properly, its amazing…it must be super difficult to solve this bug i guess!


I haven’t had any issues with eve spawns since the update. What going on with yours?