Tips on how to get higher Yum bonus (over +100)


I saw this tips while observing one of the solo player. So it’s not originally my idea.
The first thing we need is obviously a lot of different types of food. The second thing we need is Mosquitoes.

  1. We need to build our yum chain, about +6. We can do that by eating small pieces of food like berries, potatoes, berry on the bowl, carrot.
  2. we stung ourselves to mosquitoes. We will get sick (obviously) but makes sure you didn’t die.
  3. When you revive you lost a lot of food bar, eat food again, different kind of food, keep building the chain.
  4. If you full, go back to stung ourselves again. Keep doing this until you get more than +30
  5. If you already ate all the food type, you can break the chain and start all over again. You’re yum bonus will reset but your current bonus still exists and will keep adding up.
  6. Keep doing this and you will reach over +100 in no time. Possibly over +200

It may looks like wasting food, but it works well.


A key part to reduce the amount off food you use is to build a couple snowmen nearby. Be naked when you get stung and stand on the snow man. If theres enough you will be at perfect temperature while standing there. Reducing the speed at which your food goes down drastically.



Neat! That way our yum bonus will not waste while we are sick. Clever!


I feel that it is amazing to eat only one big meal in a lifetime.:joy:


Good tips