Too far?




I have suspended Ben. Not because of a vote but because there were so many (correct) flags and complaints about him lately. I didn’t do it lightly, as there have been a time when he made good contributions. Lately, there have mostly been trolling and conflict though.

There was also a lot of animosity against Ben. I wonder if some of the attitude was a defence mechanism against that. I don’t know.


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Ben earned the animosity by lashing out and being rude and insulting, for no reason, toward others.

And he Is already posting on the forum, under one of his many handles, to avoid suspension.


I wanna see proof, then a verdict, not the other way around.


It’s all there been there. We’ve all seen it. From the long list of flagged posts by Ben which were deleted to the ones that weren’t. Are you one of his sock accounts?


Are you? Who cares. If ben has 1million alt accounts, you wraith can find its way through solid proof boy.


Ok Ben.


Indeed…ben. :smiley:


Wait. That’s ben who posted it?


Ben will be unbanned in two days.