Undo the update on servers


Im using 4g the lag is ok at times and bad at some other time and i cant use any other internet. Cause using wifi sends me to an error 10050 if im not mistaken is the error code.


Some English speakers have been abandoning the game because they couldn’t find other English speakers to play with, among all the Japanese players. The idea is to give the community a place to grow.

I would suggest using our discord to get connected even further.


I don’t think it’s my internet that is having the issue. I never had this problem prior to the update.


I understand and thank you. Hopefully the amount of players on the US servers will increase over time.


Understood. We will have to dig some more into it. A cursory inspection revealed nothing wrong, so we will have to do monitoring over time to see what we can find. Please continue to send us your feedback and issue reports. Thanks!


Gladly. Anything to help. I appreciate your responses and thank you for your hard work. I love this game :smile: