US 2: Connecting villages


You will almost always find a previous eve/persons grave each time you spawn as an eve near you now, always look for that first. If your unlucky enough to find nothing then just keep an eye out for these:


I have been making a bunch of stone arrows that lead to villages in US 2. Nothing excessivly far yet, at most it’s a minute out from the village. I’m trying to map US 2 so that the work we do won’t be in vain. If we want to advance past iron tools it’s essential that we need to start building when we can consistantly recognize places so that we may safely store tools and food. I can’t map anything yet until I start recognising where I am, and that hasn’t happened yet.

To start off though I’ll show off a few pics of a village and another village I connected with stone arrows.

If you see this arrow to the left,keep heading up. That arrows is to get back to the previous village.

I piled all of the valubles in one spot just to clean things up. This is the start of the other villages arrows.


Nice! I’ve left an arrow here and there from time to time but I like your arrows best! This should be adopted as the arrow “standard”.