Video about giving credit for public domain works


Obowie on discord I already know your muffin sangria, no need to keep stating your opinion when you already made it clear in a review.


That is my opinion as it stands.

This was my review before that which I have since then modified.

My last post was not an opinion btw. It was a statement of facts. The reason for my post was because it seems others are still confused about what happened and why. I do have my own opinions though and every right to voice them here.


I mean,I get it. Your always going to be for the pc version and always against mobile. People can’t help it when they have a bias. So sharing facts that help develop that narritive of “mobile bad” and “pc good” dosnt help when you have to focus on the heart of the matter.

Is this a lie to you?


It is not true. That’s a fact. My opinion is that it was wrong.

Don’t put words into my mouth. The only explanation I can think of for your interpretation of my posts is that your projecting. Maybe if you look at my posts from the beginning you will see my position more clearly.


So dueldecade did or did not produce the chinese version of this game?


They are not the sole authors of One Hour One Life.


Did anyone else contribute to turning this game into the chinese version that exists?


Are you joking?
Did you read the entirety of all of these threads involved?
If the game title said Unofficial One Hour One Life, then it would have been accurate.


Did jason,do any work, to transform the mobile version of ohol to the chinese mobile version that exists?

Hopefully that’s as clear as possible now.


Why would he? So you’re saying that because this is an unofficial port of an unofficial port, Dual Decade is justified to ignore the terms they agreed upon with Jason?


Possibly, they are 2 different versions of the game now. Besides that, is jason justified to call dueldecade liars everywhere for this? When it’s clearly not a lie?


Hey guys, I just found this . What do you all think?
What you should know about translation and copyright law:
Translation is typically considered a derivative work. While this varies from country to country, translation is considered derivative because it exists in relation to an original work, in this case a work of literature such as a novel or poem.

Even though it is derivative, translations are eligible for copyright as an original work. Since a translation, especially literary translation, involves considerable creative effort, labour and skill on the part of the translator it can be registered as an original work.

However, it is crucial to have permission from the author, company, or individual that owns the copyright of the work you are translating. This usually comes in the form of a contract with a publisher, in which the duties of each party are laid out. This is also where a translator may sign away, or fight for, their right to copyright their translation and to royalties.

If the work exists in the public domain then a translation automatically retains copyright*m as an original work. Generally, the copyright for a work of literature expires 70 years after the author dies. So, if you want to translate Virgil’s Aeneid from the original Latin into Japanese you can do so without worrying about infringing on copyright.


Not yet. But this is process is underway.

He can. That doesn’t mean he’s telling the truth. Calling someone a liar implies intent. So no, I would not agree with Jason calling Dual Decade liars. They did make a mistake for which they have apologized. The facts are there. You’re choosing your own facts and I can only implore you to do more reading and less talking.

Btw, I commend Dual Decade for attempting to adhere to the “whatever Jason wants policy”, but I was always in favor of the hard fork, even before this debacle. But I’m also interested in Jason’s game and seeing what happens when someone puts a game into public domain, operating without copyright. This is more in line with my morals.


Just to be clear:

I don’t WANT them to change their title and change all the artwork to make their own separate version. That is not in my best interest, at least not financially.

I want them to take steps to make it perfectly clear to everyone that their version is unofficial and not specifically approved by me.

Changing everything (title and artwork) is one way to do that, and the way that they picked. When the title and artwork are different, no one will be confused anymore.

But it’s not the way that I picked, and not what I wanted them to do. That was their decision.


Now we’re both even. :wink:


You misunderstand my comment, as you are misunderstanding many comments here by taking a white knight stance towards everything Jason says. I’m saying that if Jason had taken the time to protect his intellectual property in the contracts between him, DD and the chinese publisher, we wouldnt be seeing this mess of “forum negotiations” which are completely unhelpful to the situation.

Look at everyone here, acting like they are suddenly experts on the situation when all the information we have is based on pure opinion and hearsay from Jason. The real fact is none of us are privy to the real terms in the contracts between these parties. My guess is that Jason didn’t properly make sure his rights were protected in these contracts and now he has taken to the forums and media to adopt an accusatory stance against DD to get the players, and an army of white knights like you to spread more opinions instead of facts. If he had proper terms and contracts, he could simply resolve this by taking legal action or setting up a formal negotiation with attorneys present. Why take to the forums, a place that breeds opinions from people who have nothing better to do with their life than sit here arguing over a video game? Doesnt seem practical to me.

Jason, just settle this in a private conversation with DD. So far nothing helpful has been achieved by smearing DD’s name so relentlessly over forums and media. It has just created unnecessary and unproductive discussions.


There are quite a few productive discussions here. Productivity can get done when you don’t have people unconstructively pissing on others for voicing both facts and opinions themselves.


We may have elected to do it this way, but only after having been told that it was required (unless we picked a different path which we absolutely didn’t want to take). Or so I have understood it.
I think that I understand what you mean here, @jasonrohrer, but I want to make certain before we flip the switch and disappear from the Ohol namespace.
Are you only referring to your original stance as the alternative we didn’t pick, or is there some third path here which has not been clear to us?

Hypothetically, let’s say there were two mobile games: one game called One Hour One Life for Mobile (or similar), which was mostly a fairly straight port, with no Santa’s or weekend events etc, and also a second game called something completely different, with other graphics, game modes, player characters and events, only influenced by some of the same mechanics.

Would this hypothetical situation be better than just having the second game? Not saying that this is a possible option for us now, but it would be good to understand before we execute the name change in a couple of days from now. Then it will bee too late.


Yes, I just meant that my preference was you keeping the game in the OHOL universe but making it crystal clear, to everyone, that it was unofficial and not approved by me, the original author.

You found your own alternative way to satisfy my need for clarity. I think there was some back-and-forth where I may have suggested it (what would it take for it NOT to be “unofficial”, or something like that). But I want to make it clear that it is not my preference.

In my opinion, that alternative way will be extremely risky for you financially. So now I’m a little worried that if you go that route and flop hard, I will be blamed by both you and your community. For example, what if you make your own Mascot character, and your community hates it? Will they blame me? “Look what Jason made you guys do to ruin OHOL for us!” Or if they don’t like your new background textures.

I suppose you’ll be making these changes gradually enough, but it will be a different looking game in the end, and there’s some chance that your Japanese audience, for example, won’t like that new taste. In general, people don’t like change.

As for your hypothetical, in my opinion, a third-party game called just “One Hour One Life for Mobile” couldn’t exist with that title, unless it was an almost-identical port, which would be impossible on mobile. Someone would need to design the new user-interaction model, and it wouldn’t be me. So I can’t envision a version of the game on mobile that I wouldn’t want to be labeled as Unofficial.


I want to point out to you something important, which may affect your decision. My stance on trademark has now changed (I really knew little about it until recently, where I was well-versed in copyright theory, by comparison). So going forward, I’m reserving One Hour One Life and the visual elements as my trademark for my multiplayer online game service, and competing services won’t be able to use those marks anymore.

Through our email discussions (which is the first time I uttered the word “trademark” in recent memory), I granted you license to use those marks, though I also cautioned you to make sure people knew your use was unofficial.

Thus, you are kinda “grandfathered” in here.

In other words, your fear about “copycats” using the name in the future on Mobile are quelled. There will NEVER be another mobile version that uses my name or my trademarked characters/logos/milkweed/etc.

There will never be another OHOL multiplayer game service at all, beyond yours and mine.

(OHOL bath towels are a different story, though…)

So, if you change course and mark yours clearly as Unofficial, then you’d be protected from clones going forward.

The irony is that you would be the ONLY “Official Unofficial OHOL,” i.e., the only unofficial multiplayer online game service that is legally allowed to use the trademarked name and images.

Details of the new no_copyright file can be found here:

I’m still working on it, but so far, there have been no major objections to it.


New character looks cool, by the way.

I wish I had a real, trained artist working on my game!