Weirdest life story ever?


So i did a experiment where i was a eve on beginner server, said nothing and acted like i was new. I did this two times and got 2 girls. Both times i did like i paniced and died of starvation. I wanted to this the first time, but i was a baby named Ana Eeko. I ran away and died, and the second time i was born to the same mom. Then i was named Ana II Eeko. I decided to live on here. I helped getting food for the little village with rising population. When getting adobe to make a forge and bakery i came across a girl with a camp. She was nice and we where suprised she didn’t find us yet. Our camps where only 10 tiles away! She also got a son which was running in our village. I didnt notice it was her son. Earlier i saw her daughter’s grave:
Amela - Not related, which confused me. The nice mom died of hunger sadly. I said her son could live in our village. While going back to the camp to bring the remaining stuff to our village i noticed something. It was the camp of my first daughter of the experiment! Whe lived next to eachother without noticing! I had some kids but most died and the village failed. My other daughter made a bigger camp and had a daughter who died when getting a baby and 2 other kids that died. My second daughter was making a road to nowhere. This was definitly a interesting experiment!


Many weird things happened in beginner server. One time I was born in a big village with a lot of wood stakes. I wonder who did this until a little girl came to me and said “look a star! I made them. All of them!”. lol.


Lmao i havnt seen anybody do that yet but it sounds like it was cute lol. They were probably pretty young lol


What an innocent kid. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: