What name would be suitable if the game name changes?


I like the name “ one hour one life “ as it is logical and easy to remember. But , if the name changes , what do you all think will be a good name?
Of course, I don’t want a change of name but it may be necessary. What about “Adam and eve” , “eve generation”, “eve civilization” , “Family Tree” , “ Village life” or anything else. What do you think will be this game name if it really changes TT ?


Magic of Legacies?


Cool name. Bravo .




here is what jason did say about the name


I don’t understand what he means . So, dd can’t use the concept of “one” ,“hour” “life” and the title must be very different. Yet just switching the title is misleading . I am confused. @@ Does it mean to change the title and content that it is no longer similar to one hour one life or change the title yet show that it is the unofficial one hour one life ? Can someone explain? My English is not that good.


as i understand this two quotes is: he wants the title to be changed. But also the mobile game itself should be changed first of all the design. so there is absolut no relation visible between the pc and the mobile game.

but we can look for names :blush: dualdecade will be ready someday with theier changes.

i like „eve’s wilderness“ but its just a name for the first hour or two. after thats its not so much wilderness anymore.

your „eve‘s civilization“ is more on point :slightly_smiling_face: i like that the most.


Adam and eve, good one :ok_hand:


Dual Decade should make their own textures. Hopefully so it won’t look like OHOL.


Time of Genesis




Time of Haven


Time of Eve


Time of Salvation


Time of Revival


Time of Collapse


Time of Doubt


Time of Eternity


Time of Prime


Eve’s Hour


Eve-ilazation lol


Idk how well I feel about the game changing entirely about this though. Nothing prevents someone from doing the same thing and making another mobile version identical to jasons then. Doing the same thing without giving any care to his word then.


I mean,if anything. Wouldn’t he want people who actually communicate with him expand on the games base drawings and such providing different content for mobile? If there’s a “hard fork” off of what the game is now, there’s nothing preventing someone else from using ohol for mobile as the name and passing it off as this version now.


I think the fact that Christoffer actually respects Jason and listens to him has given Jason the illusion that he has some sort of control over what happens with his work. I mean, imagine some Chinese game studio grabbing the codebase and doing whatever they want with it. I can’t imagine Jason’s mode of communication (i.e. ‘Open Letter to the xyz developers’ on his forum) would have any effect whatsover then.

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@WumboJumbo Bravo for the word “genesis” , it really looks cool and makes sense. @Ranma Eve’s hours seems simple and short . I like it very much.


@BillyTheGoat Ya , I think so too. I remember learning the copyright law in my class that you can’t apply for patent if the patent is already in public. I don’t think someone who copy the game would want to have anything to do with the real developer. And also hey , if they are from other country, do you think they will be willing to translate one by one and talk to you in English? No , I guess. Sad … I wonder if this game changes name , will there be another “one hour one life” (copy version that acts like real one)in the App Store instead.


Time of Tales


Time of Wildlife


Time of Evolution


Time of Glory


Time of Chronicles


Time of Legacies


Time of Colonies


Time of Nature


Time of Tribes


Time of Family


My favorite: Time of Life


Lol Wumbo. I can imagine being in your head while idea after idea after idea floods out.