What name would be suitable if the game name changes?




Tales , wildlife ,chronicles, legacies , tribe seems to be a good idea for a good name . You must had played a lot of games .


I have.


I like the name “one hour one life” as it have a sequence of “ x y x z” , like “ today’s dream today’s job” or maybe because it have 4 words. Try my challenge of giving this game a name with 4 words .


Family (Word) Family (Word)


Time of Honor


Time of Liberty


Time of Oracles


Time of Inception


Time of Birth


Time of Formulation


Time of Creation


Time of Invention


Time of Freedom


Time of Order


Evolutions Hour


Hour of Life. Simple and close enough.


Thats the whole poimt about it. To make it different, not similar.


Quoted from Jason.

If they were to change the name (which seems like the only option right now), then they’d have to change the art style, animations, sounds, etc. Am I correct?


You can take the Nike check off the shoe, is it still a Nike? The game is the “same” regardless of titles.

How about: The official unofficial “One Hour One Life Mobile” Unapproved by Jason Rohrer.

Make sure after every death the screen pops up with Jason’s credits for the original design. Make it classy looking.


@WumboJumbo Nice touch on the oracles. Formulation , invention and creation seems to match the fact on new recipe . You really like to use the word time . @Ranma You do really like to use hour . Short and simple . I like it .


If Jason and dd approve , then

can be the name . But , doesn’t he say change everything? We fans who are really addicted to the game now don’t really mind about the name . It is just dd, Jason or new players may not approve the name in someway. Hey , I like the way you say about the death credit ending , make it fancy . :clap: bravo , i like it .


First of all, Village Life was a facebook game, i played it but it go shut down.

Second, I like the name and I think we should keep it that way.

Interesting Opinion by the way


How about this?

60-Minutes 2 Death

Edgy, but still has the same energy as One Hour One Life.