What's cooking in the developers' kitchen? / 開発チームは今何を?




This is cooking part 2? (Or 3 (or 4, i don’t remember) :yum:
This is additional to the sponge cake, right? I realy like the recipe for it to! I wonder how to make that nice cake!
But wait… are these strawberries? If they are, that would be an amazing update to!


Raspberries, actually. Also quite tasty :yum:


Oooh, sounds nice to!


Can we have raspberries, straw berries and blue berries? Their very easy to care for xD


You can have two out of three soon. More will be revealed shortly ( have to keep some suspense :wink: )


This is also cooking (or crocking, rather)


Yay xD can’t wait!


It seems that we need paper, pen and glue

we can use ricepaste/wheatpaste as glue


Nice idea. To get the wanted label, you need to use the object for the label on a wet label to get it.


These are great ideas, but in this case we thought we’d simplify it a bit. It’s difficult enough to just make the paper, so it’s already gonna become more difficult to make the storage crocks with this change. The glue and images will likely be turning up implicitly as a result of putting paper onto, and items into, the crocks.