What's cooking in the developers' kitchen? / 開発チームは今何を?

Wow, that’s very cool! That’s good thinking. I also like that you can give names to your pet. Maybe you should also make toys for the dog to play. Like the rubber ball, which is in game, and some treats, like a bone which you can get from dead animals.

Oh I love that! She looks just like my collie! Though I didn’t name my puppy Lassie. Lol
So excited!

Oh no poor dogs. But I guess that’s makes sense

If the bear injures our puppies will we be able to heal them with the sterilized bandage and needle and thread?

Puppies won’t be able to protect you - only the larger adult dogs.
One dog breed will be able to hunt rabbits, btw.

You also have to feed your dog to give it energy to run around.

Healing your injured dog makes sense, and so does burying your dog when it dies (from wounds or high age). These abilities will not be there in the first release, but we intend to launch them later.


Will some breeds be able to help herd sheep and cows? That would be neat.

Sneak peak of another dog feature:


Nice! Good idea, dogs got a much bigger use instead of just being an ‘extra’. Is the protect option still in the new version or is it removed?

Different breeds have different abilities. Some are just pets, some can protect you and some can hunt. We will keep adding little things going forward too.

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Another batch of new characters is coming soon…


Woooow! You guys are making so much characters! I realy like the diveristy in characters this game brings.

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Thanks! :blush:

I think you can start deleting old characters by now