What's your funniest moment in OHOL?


Mine is we have bonsai in the village, someone makes it but I didn’t know who. But then this guy pick it up, hold for a long time and start talking “. It’s mine. My bonsai. My precious”. That guy must be fun at party.


Bonsai bandit! :rofl:


Recent life, nicely developed Eve camp ready for sheep pen (which I built while raising children that life) and my brother, a fabulous jack of all trades and hunter who desperately wanted to kill a baby. It was a running joke, where he’d join me by the fire with my most recently born child and warn them that he’d kill them if they were bad. “And eat you.” I’d add. “Mmmmm, tender juicy baby bits.” We had a lot of fun and, yes, eventually we let him kill one of my last boy children, since all my daughters seemed to be dying RIGHT ON TOP OF THE BERRY FARM! and we needed a girl. We accomplished a lot and had a great deal of fun.


Sounds morbid and got quite dark towards the end but great fun anyways : )


My funniest moment was in a similarly advanced settlement. I was in my twilight years and I was hanging around the berry bushes annoying the young people with my old buddy Stephanie Raddish. It had been an especially eventful life, having played a large part in constructing the town sheep pen and leading a bear away in my middle age. Now the two of us could settle down and regail the others about the good old days. My funniest moment was seeing a girl walk past with a seal skin coat and calling her a youngster who doesn’t know what it was like for our generation “back in the day”. We’d both been naked from birth to the grave. Sure, as the girl quickly pointed out, we could have just clubbed a seal or something but then where’s the environmental spirit in that? Plus I was busy trying to forage adobe for the sheep pen most of the time.


My funniest moment… that would have to be killing a domestic goose. Every time I would put it on the stump, it would jump off. I was chasing around a goose for a good 5 mins before finally killing it.


Actually I have a new one, this.


That’s also my funny moment.
We have running away goose and even though we can pick it up and put it in again, the pen simply too small so we decided to kill it. I told my sister “let’s kill the goose”. She followed me with axe. I grab the goose and put it in. We failed on the first try. But on the second try. Oh my god it was so funny. The body running around headlessly. My sister said “oh… It running around.”