Which building is your favorit?


there are a lot of building and places you can build in this game. but which is your favorit?

  • farm
  • sheep pen
  • forge station
  • bakery
  • taco restaurant
  • temple
  • bell tower
  • horse stables
  • car garage
  • road system
  • house
  • nursery
  • castle
  • etc.

i like to connect places with a good road system. but the building i did like the most to build was the horse stable with 8 places for horses.



What about trade buildings?


Very nice!


I like the idea of a nursery! I’ll be sure to make some of these great buildings ASAP!


I love building with stone so it can turn ancient. I focus on making or getting ahold of a cart with rubber wheels preferably, regular cart minimum. An apron is a must have for any master stone mason to hold the mallet. I transport split rocks in the cart to the sight and build. Most efficient way I’ve found to build alone. Sucks building stuff with multiple doors to have it locked later if you spawn back. Can’t have nothing nice in OHOL! Lol

Wish I had a better understanding of how locks work. From what I researched no lock picks are in the game yet. If they did it should be based off chance similar to how catching fish works. Using it on a locked door/anything it could open the lock, break the pick, or nothing and you keep the pick for another chance to most likely break it. Idk just a thought.


Lock picks do exist. You need the right key for the lock and then by using a file you can create a poco removal key. Might want to check that one


My favourite to make is the temple. I once built one of those on pc and even got a little Priest trade going.


My favorite buildings are the Kitchen, and the smithing station. Both surrounded by walls with a door at the bottom.
You will love this building as well ones you find out that you can work without any interruptions. The best about this is that there not will any more babys at your fire. No more people standing and talking in the middle of your working area.
There will be no more noobes that kills your fire to make eggs…
O man!!! The frustation is real…

May the stew force be with you…


I’m pretty sure I came across that. In the Europe server, right? That town was the most developed one I have ever been in first hand. And the only one I’ve been in with a bell tower, let alone a walkway leading to it! I have to say I was rather impressed with your horse pen. I recall pointing out to one of my babies, “This place is insane. We even have a horse pen!” Great idea and work!


i would like to build a trading building. maybe near a train station and with a rail road to an other city :slight_smile:


yeah those adobe walls decay without paint. i like white painted building too =) but stones are easier to get. i like stone walls. and a cart is a must to get the building materials.


how do your temples look like? :slight_smile: is it the 3 pillars version? uuuh a building i forgot is the graveyard. a dark place to build :wink:


I sometimes use the standard four pillar Kyom temple, although usually I prefer three pillars


although I usually add seats and a pulpit. So three white plaster pillars and then in the place of either the north or south one I put an adobe oven base which the High Priest can stand behind. Then a tile or two away I make a few other bases which the congregation can stand between


When I built it I spent most of my life looking for the plaster and adobe. It was only a primitive village at that point and they were very happy when I told them about our new fully-pulpit-ed temple. I even found a young girl with a rather stylish feathered cap to become the apprentice priest before I died. Hopefully the Priestdom or Kyom went on for many happy generations in that town, using the Angellic Branch that is so we didn’t have to worry about any death cult blood sacrifices.