Why always alone?


Hi,why am i always alone ? No baby spawning,i m always thé mother but no baby spawn. I go to all server but always the same it’s really rare when i see someone else. Please help me.
Si vous parlez français,répondez moi en français.


Have you been cursed?


Hi, Baby has match to same language mother when born.
So maybe your “language” is very rare in game.

What language do you use in settings window?
If you can speak english, and you doesn’t use “English” in “language” setting,
change to “english” and born again in us server.

BtW, cursed points is separated by server.
So, I think you are not cursed.


Yes one time ?


Sometimes babies are born that don’t talk your language though I’ve given birth to Japanese babies and my settings are on speaking English cause I am english


Sorry, I think its japanese player’s fault.
Some japanese player set “english” to language, for to be alone.
Some japanese player set “english” sub language, because they think “I can speak English”.(You know, when game has first launch, game ask two language to player)


Ah okay that makes sense tbf didn’t think of that XD good feature though tbf didn’t even know that your normally just born to your set laugage surely if they wanted to be alone though they would make a more obseseen laugage then english cause that will be one of the most common on the game XD


That is because, sadly, there are too small number of French-speaking players. Try setting English as your additional language, and you will have a better chance of being born in a family.