Why mushrooms don't work


One time in a villge I ate a mushroom and It didn’t do anything shouldn’t it make me see weird stuff


Yes it should


I also had mushrooms and they didn’t work


I can confirm this. I was born to a well advanced village with 10+ mushroom pits. I filled a basket and backpack with mushrooms and spent an entire life wandering around the village eating shrooms and asking people “want some drugs?”. There was never any effects. I did not trip the entire life.


The mushroom currently does NOT do anything special yet. This is because to achieve the effect Jason has in our structure is very difficult. So I skipped it for now. We have an idea of using some other effect for it. It’s on the todo list.


Meaby it would be cool that there is some small chance like 5% of you dieing 25% vommiting
40% tripping out and 30% of being a normal shroom and just having hunger filled


A sound problem:

When you cut a Tree, it doesn’t make any sound at all.


Missing sound is a known issue, here: Missing Sounds

Have to fix these issues at some point.


The pc version trip is hilarious! Search twizted youtube and find the one where he ate them, youll love it if the trip is what you wanna see!


Thanks for the idea!

I was disappointed. I expected brighter colors.