WumboJumbos OHOL Political Dictionary


Yes 100 percent this. None of this would happen if there were more people on the server. But that’s not the reality of the situation. Even with the cooperation of everyone playing, for example, on the EU server, that’s about 13 people max, average is about 8. It’s impossible to sustain a civilization overnight. Without the eve spawn this game is pointless for me which is why I’ve stopped playing. I’m still here because I’m still hopeful for change but that is up to the devs.


ASAP, at least before this game becomes boring.


Honestly the fellowship discord is built incredibly well. Still needs some adjustments but it’s nice.


This seems like a cool political dictionary. Simply put, the Fellowists believe in order and limited freedom while the socialists believe in personal freedom. A fellowist would build a village by using a discord as an overarching source of organisation whereas a socialist would build it by leaving the running to the players alive at the time. Is that right? Maybe we should change the name from socialists to liberals instead in that case. Personally I prefer the Fellowist side to an extent, since especially on low population servers you need organisation beyond the game in order to build the most effective cities.


What about Reformists?


Reformists works. Or conservatives, since they don’t want to change the way the game works with any extra organisation